Ideal Veterinary Hospital Parasite Policy

 Ideal Veterinary Hospital Parasite Policy

(especially fleas and ticks, but also ear mites, tapeworms, and common parasites)


            One of the things pet owners trust veterinary offices with, and indeed you entrust Ideal Veterinary Hospital with, is to keep pets within our walls as safe as possible. The safety of our patients includes many items, of course, and we have many hours of training and multiple protocols to keep pets safe at IVH. We would be glad to discuss any and all of our safety protocols with you at any time you have a concern.

            The most common “contagious” problem encountered in a veterinary hospital is parasites, both fleas and ticks, which are very common, but even ear mites, tapeworms, and other intestinal parasites are potentially infectious to pets in close contact with each other or with the same environment.

            With this in mind Ideal Veterinary Hospital staff will visually inspect pets when they enter the hospital for surgery, treatment, or boarding and will treat pets for parasites seen. No testing will be done unless a problem is noted, like diarrhea, but parasites noted will need to be eradicated upon arrival. We will choose the safest, most effective, and lowest cost treatment available, and the treatment will be added to your invoice to be paid at discharge.

            Costs for these items are:

1)     Fleas:  Capstar tablet = $6.00-7.00 (lasts 24 hours)

2)     Ticks: Certifect = $18.00-22.00 (lasts 1 month, kills fleas too, dogs only)

3)     Tapeworms, intestinal worms, Giardia: $5.00 to $30.00 (depends on parasites and size of pet)

4)     Be aware some pets have intestinal parasites AND fleas / ticks, so will need a combination of the above.

As always our goal is to “Do Our Best for Your Pet”. We thank you for allowing us to eliminate parasites on your pet and for trusting us to care for your pet. It is our primary goal that every pet be safe, healthy, and happy, and this important policy step is certainly vital in that process.